you have been block-ed © Aleksandar Naumceski
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you have been block-ed

Opis: deo projekta i izlozbe "Imaginarni Grad" Imaginary City is a series of generated urban scenes and details created by editing of frames taken in multiple cities. The photographic image created by taking photographs at different locations serves as a tool in the creation of new architectural / graphic solutions. The process in its turn represents designing through photography. Imaginary City offers a visual experience made up of scenes and fragments which we meet every day, we see, we (do not) notice, we walk past them, and is a challenge for the spectators to identify and discern the original motifs. Imaginary City focuses on the aspects of dynamics as opposed to statics of the city as well. In several series, which are part of the project, the themes changes, development, densification, growth, multiplication and repetition are treated.
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